The Witch And The Wisp

Just in time for Halloween! A tiny (like ~5 minutes long) puzzler about a Witch and her Wispy companion.

I was the lead designer for this during a "Newbies and Vets" gamejam at my school. Essentially, two seniors (myself and one of my friends) and seven freshman/sophomores were teamed up to make a game in 48 hours, with the goal being for the upperclassmen to pass down knowledge and help the "newbies". 

I think it was incredibly successful at doing that. I was able to pass down many tidbits of random Unity knowledge, people became familiar with some aspects of game development they may not have thought about before, like audio implementation or animation states. Oh, and we taught them all about version control and generally created just a really nice, respectful, and non-crunchy environment. 

What a wonderful experience, everyone should do gamejams :)

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Oct 01, 2018

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