A downloadable game for Windows

The year is 2017, in a small wildlife park outside of Olympus, Tennessee. 

A young girl from the local high school is working her part-time job at the ranger station.

But there is something different about tonight...

An unfamiliar hum on the air...

Somewhere, a phone begins to ring...


Foxcrest.zip 35 MB


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Thanks for playing, I'm going to go back through and update some stuff with font kerning and timing in a few weeks. I'll have to work on a shader for when objects are between the player and the camera. 

Neat little story! Some feedback:

-Text scroll is a bit too slow
-I love the little pixel character portrait
-Good ambience
-Picked out good music / background sounds

Ah I can see that for the text scroll. I'll probably come back and polish that up, but that's why I also let people skip to the end of a dialogue line if they hit space before it's over. forcing people to sit through a text scroll is something i try not to do